Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My hometown is a tiny little spot on the coast called Kilcunda, down past Phillip Island. For those who know about the Desalination plant being built in Victoria, I can see it from my parents house. The construction sight is so bright it can be seen almost 15km away at night. This was the latest addition, a second light source out in the water, obviously to do with constructing the underwater pipes. This shot was taken from the sands of the Powlett River, next to the Powlett River caravan park.

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  1. Hi Emerald, it is Glenda from NMIT, hope you are having a great holiday at Kilcunda, my sister and her husband have just come back from Krowera after a couple of days peace and quiet. They are moving up there some time in the future. I love it up there also, the gorgeous green hills and cows dotted over them. I wont be doing the course this year. I bought a Bamboo tablet but am still learning how to use it properly. Anyway it was great to see your Blog and take care.